Direct to Film

  • TFX300-75 DTF Printer

    TxF300-75 Direct to Film Printer (DTF)

    Mimaki DTF (Direct To Film) Printer This new TxF300-75 has been shown to increase productivity by 300% compared to the existing model, further setting Mimaki apart as a leader in textile and apparel printing solutions. Embodying the same core...

  • TxF150-75 Direct to Film Printer (DTF)

    TxF150-75 Direct to Film Printer (DTF)

    Mimaki's first DTF (Direct To Film) printer The TxF150-75 is Mimaki’s first DTF (Direct-to-Film) printer, packed with Mimaki technology to overcome the common ink ejection and ink sedimentation issues of current DTF printers in the market. Using...