Payment & Shipping

To help us provide you the best service possible, please read the simple guidelines below, so we can get started on assisting you right away!

Please note these guidelines apply to goods and services provided through the InkJet Performance main website and on-line store.

Accepted Domestic Payments

•Business Checks from selected Georgia businesses only
•American Express, Visa, Discover Card and Master Card
•Money Order
•Western Union

We apologize, but cannot accept personal or out of state checks.

Domestic Shipping

FedEx: We can ship on your account or ours.
UPS: We can ship on your account or ours. If the value is more than $999.00 we must ship using the post office or FedEx
Post Office: Priority and Express Mail.

"It was very convenient to have my printer repair done by simply mailing parts through the Post Office."
- Ivan, Michigan

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International Payments and Shipping

Do not use the shopping cart for checkout. Orders to shipped out of the United States require special handling. Please contact us directly for payment and shipping charges.

Duty and customs charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. InkJet Performance is not responsible for these charges. 

 Outbound Shipments (shipments from InkJet Performance to you)

•Post Office Express Mail - Customer is responsible for shipping. Please provide correct address information.

Inbound Shipments (shipments from you to InkJet Performance)

•You can ship to us using any method you like.
•If you are sending parts to us for repair, you must complete and include a commercial invoice indicating that the part(s) is being sent for repair. Please be sure you list all the parts included in your shipment.


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