Board Repairs

Authorized Repair Center

 We repair printed circuit boards for OEM suppliers, many Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh dealers and printer end-users. Let us repair your printed circuit board for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

 Unlike others emulating our services, we have over 30 years repairing industrial equipment using state-of-the art testing and repair equipment including an oscilloscope, multi-meters, signal generator, protocol analyzer, microscopes, IC chip de-solder/solder unit and several printer test beds allowing us to correctly and quickly repair and test Printer PCBs.

 *Turn-around time is often the same day the part is received. No one is faster!




Slider Boards

Carriage Boards

Power Supplies

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Firmware programming and calibration information is *retained

Most repairs are completed within one business day

 * This depends upon the extent of the damage to the board.


Thank you for fixing my Mutoh Falcon Outdoor main board. It is in and works great. I can't thank you enough for what you did to fix a board that others could not. I will tell every sign shop I know about your services and how nice it was to work with an honest company.


Thank You Again,

Bob (Apple Valley Signs) 

I put the motherboard you repaired back into my machine and it is working great!

     Thank you and your hard working staff.

 Scott Lewczak 

Scott won first place in the 2008 sign business Magazine commercial vehicle wrap contest.

Second place this in 2009 and was runner up in the 2009 3M vehicle wrap contest.